• Taizhou TuoAng Machinery Co., Ltd.
    was founded in 1992. It’s located in the port city yuhuan, which is famous as “the hometown of auto parts”. We specialized in producing parts of various types of forklift, for example: Linde, ...
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    Forklift Parts
    Steering axle is the main parts of forklift, under various loads, directly its strength influence the working time of forklift directly.  
    steering knuckle and kingpin
    steering tie rod and axis pin
    wheel hub and bolt and nut
    Steering system repair assembly
    axle spare parts
    accessories of transmission system
    Meet the starting, flat road, climbing, steering and other working conditions, the running resistance changes in different conditions.
    oil pump drive spindle、coupling
    oil pump(automatic transmission)
    Hydraulic clutch assembly and accessories (automatic transmission)
    It's an important part of forklift, the working device, steering system, and walking transmission system are required to work by the drive of hydraulic system. Affect the performance of forklift directly.  
    Cylinder assembly and accessories
    Hydraulic piping and fittings
    Hydraulic system accessories
    Handling and lifting system
    Control and adjust the direction, pressure and flow of fluid, to meet the performance requirements of forklift, and to achieve different work cycle.
    Lifting mechanism is mainly composed of a door frame and goods fork.
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    No. 70 Yongqing Road, Marine Economic Development Zone, Yuhuan City, ZheJiang Province, China.
    13906545866 0086-576-87218901
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